Wednesday, September 02, 2009

CMA 2009

For the past five years I looked forward to this year's Congres Mondial Acadien ... and then, at the end, I wasn't able to go.

From Lucie's review, I didn't miss much.

I certainly noticed the problems she did in regards to the organization--or lack thereof.

And it is inexcusable that the organizing committee refused to allow the LeBlancs of Memramcook to host a reunion.

In the end, it was the economy that kept me from attending, just as the economy kept many Canadians from attending the 1999 reunion in Louisiana.

Well, now we look forward to 2014 in Madawaska. Based on Lucie's review of the Caraquet situation, I wonder if Madawaska really has the infrastructure to host an event like this. Are there restaurants and hotels? Can the region host a substantial number of people? Another flop, and the CMA movement may well be dead.


Michael Gisclair said...

Ça devrait être la Louisiane en 2014! Vous avez guetter notre vidéo étonnante?

Andrew said...

Avez-vous déjà essayer ? Vous pouvez vissionner plus de 700,000 noms de familles et plus de 25 million individues de toute les réligions, origines éthnics, et classes d'a travers le monde. Essaye-donc... c'est complètement GRATUIT!