Saturday, August 07, 2004

Statue of Baron Philippe Mius-d'Entremont

Statue of Baron Philippe Mius-d'Entremont at the Historic Acadian Village of Nova Scotia at West Pubnico.

Association des descendants de Sieur Philippe Mius d'Entremont

Association des descendants de Sieur Philippe Mius d'Entremont. They're having their reunion this weekend.

I could join: William Cork > Wilifred Smith > Frederick William Smith > Domithilde LeBlanc > Obeline Gautreau > Domithilde LeBlanc > Charles LeBlanc > Georges-Robert LeBlanc > Marie-Josephe Bourg > Elisabeth Melanson > Pierre (dit Pedro) Melanson > Marguerite Mius d'Entremont > Sieur Philippe Mius d'Entremont (10th great-grandfather).

Ste-Anne Church and first chapel site at Rocco Point


Genealogical fun

I was typing data into my genealogy program (Personal Ancestry File)--adding the children of the folks I'm descended from--when I noticed one of those things that makes family history interesting. Three of the sons of Firmin LeBlanc & Ludivine DuPuis married daughters of Michel Bourque & Ursule Forest. Of these three pairs, I'm descended from Jean dit Bis LeBlanc & Rosalie Bourque; noted Acadian genealogist Lucie LeBlanc Consentino is descended from Sylvain dit Sailor LeBlanc & Ursule Bourque.

Grou Tyme on-line now

Atlantic Airwaves is now broadcasting (3:05 p.m. CDT) excerpts from the Grou Tyme Festival held earlier this week in Halifax.

Acadians on cusp of celebration

CBC - Nova Scotia interview with CMA organizer Ron Bourgeois.

Forgotten hero in Acadian past

CBC - Nova Scotia on Pierre du Gua de Mons, leader of the 1604 expedition which established l'Acadie on St-Croix. Why has he been overshadowed by Champlain?

Rappie pie anyone?

CBC - Nova Scotia on the traditional Acadian dish. Tip--peel the potatoes the night before.

Meet the Thibodeau clan

CBC - Nova Scotia report on the Thibodeau reunion (Real).

Acadian celebrations a business boon

CBC - Nova Scotia report (Real).

Ville de Dieppe

Ville de Dieppe--webpage of my great-grandmother's town in New Brunswick, though it became a town long after she and her family left. It was created by merging the villages of Lakeburn, Dieppe, St. Anselme, Fox Creek, Dover, and Chartersville. The village of Dieppe was named after Dieppe, France, to commemorate Canadians killed in an attack on Normandy on August 19, 1942.

Festival du Mitan

CMA Festival du Mitan this weekend in Chéticamp.

Landry Reunion

Landry reunion is this weekend.

Un dimanche aux couleurs de l'Acadie

Patrick Beaupré on the "Tintamarre acadien de Saint-Liguori."

Cousins, mais d'Amérique

Cousins, mais d'Amérique--from Le, in French.

Voyages - 400 ans !

Le (in French).

Friday, August 06, 2004

Site officiel de La Commission du tourisme acadien du Canada atlantique.

L'Acadie en chanson

New album: "L'Acadie en chanson." Two CDs.

Digital Archives of the Argyle District Acadians

Digital Archives of the Argyle District Acadians. Just came across this. Fascinating site on the Acadian heritage of the area of Nova Scotia I'll be visiting. The story begins with Sieur Philippe Mius d'Entremont (my 10th great-grandfather), who founded Pubnico in 1653.

Melanson Family Reunion

Official Website of the Melanson Family Reunion 2004. The Melanson reunion was August 2-5. It included, on Tuesday, the Official Opening Ceremony of the Melanson Settlement National Historic Site.

I'm descended from both Charles (through his daughter Elisabeth, who married Michel Bourg/Bourque) and Pierre Melanson (through his son Pierre's daughter Elisabeth, who married Ambroise Bourg/Bourque). I look forward to visiting the Melanson Settlement National Historic Site next week. The museum at Fort Anne National Historic Site includes some of the artifacts from the Melanson excavation--there's no experience quite like looking at a knife and fork that may have been used by an ancestor of yours 300 years ago.

Order of Good Cheer to meet again

Grand Pre Festival this year includes a culinary tribute to Champlain's Order of Good Cheer. The event is Sunday, August 8, at 6:00 p.m. On the menu, Rabbit Poached In Sweet Apple Cider And Wild Herbs, Complimented With Wood Mushrooms And Spring Onions; Succotash Of Rabbit In Corn Crust, Served With Wild Berries And Summer Flowers Honey Compote; Applewood Smoked Sturgeon and blackberry preserves; Warm Salmon Rilletes with Lobster Mousseline, and more. One price for everything: $125. Only 400 tickets will be sold.

"Acadians flock to Canada to build a 'country of the heart'"

Jacques Lemieux writes for Agence France-Presse.

Rug hooker world-renowned

Acadian rug-hooker in Cheticamp, Elizabeth Lefort.

Aucoins meet Aucoins

Aucoin reunion in Cheticamp. Nova Scotians hope to see a revival of Acadian culture in the province. Louisiana Aucoins hope to meet some relatives. Some speak of seeing family resemblances (we heard--and saw--this at the LeBlanc reunion in 1999). One person said,
they loaded their truck and camper with 900 kilograms of Cajun souvenirs - including beads, packets of spices, hot fish sauces and Tobasco sauce - just to give away to reunion participants in Cheticamp, as well as Halifax later next week.
Good idea ... but I can't get that much lagniappe on a plane!

Pockets of pickers

Pockets of pickers; bluegrass music at Acadian Village in Lafayette.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Churches to visit ...

Saint Mary's, Church Point. St. Bernard. St. Pierre, W. Pubnico.

Planning my trip

I'm writing down all the details of my itinerary for next week; just a summary here.

I leave here on August 11 (Feast of St. Clare), and will get to Halifax about 3:15, will rent a car and drive to Yarmouth, which will be my base.

On August 12, the pace will be more relaxed, but I will explore the Acadian Museum and Historic Acadian Village in West Pubnico.

Friday could be busy. I want to go to Annapolis Royal, and may go as far as Grand-Pre, to hear Lucie LeBlanc Consentino's presentation on New England Acadians. The LeBlanc reunion will begin with a "Meet and Greet" in Belliveau Cove late in the afternoon.

Saturday will be spent at the LeBlanc reunion in Church Point.

Sunday will begin with a long drive to Grand-Pre for 11:00 mass and 12:30 CMA Closing Ceremony. Afterwards, I'll head to Halifax for the concert on Citadel Hill. I'll spend that night in Tantallon, a relaxed day Monday, and return home Tuesday.

Acadian festival ... in France

Acadian music charges crowd at French Celtic festival.

Various reports

The ChronicleHerald has several features, including reader contributions on What it means to be Acadian.

Not quite time to panic, but ...

I can't find my ticket to the CMA closing concert!! I put it in a safe place so I wouldn't lose it ... and now can't remember where I put it. Still a few days ...

Update: Whew! My wife found it!

Acadian MPs in NS seek changes

More French services sought
Acadian Nova Scotians want a guarantee that they can get some government services in French.

The Federation Acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse made such a proposal to the Hamm government last week, and Acadian Affairs Minister Chris d'Entremont said Wednesday that he'd like to bring a bill forward during the fall session of the legislature.

"Right now, there is no law. Right now, any service in my language is by accident," said Stan Surette, the federation president.

Discrimination against Acadiens continues in Nova Scotia

French parents sue over funding: Not fair only English schools get extra cash from HRM, they say.
The Municipal Government Act dictates that area rates levied in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and the former Halifax County for supplementary funding go back to benefit schools in those areas.

The fund helps bolster such things as music, art and physical education and special-needs programs for some schools operated by the Halifax regional school board.

But metro schools in the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial are shut out.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

St. Croix

French settlement on tiny St. Croix Island didn't last long.

Letter of Archbishop Brendan M. O'Brien

Letter of Archbishop Brendan M. O'Brien, President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Canada.
From July 31 to August 15, Nova Scotia will host the Third Acadian World Congress in the very places where—exactly 400 years ago—the first French colonists settled on Canadian soil. What a path has been trod from those earliest painful origins, first on Saint-Croix Island and then at Port Royal! From that point onward, the history of the Acadian people has become part of our collective memory. It is a history that has been marked with happy events, but also with tragic occurrences, ones that even today evoke compassion and respect on behalf of those who were victims.

After the congresses held in New Brunswick and Louisiana, it is fitting that the 3rd Acadian World Congress be held in Nova Scotia, the very place where the French language and Catholic faith first took root in our midst, thanks to the labours of such precursors as Pierre Dugua, Samuel de Champlain, Reverend Jesse Fleche and Father Enemond Masse, to name only a few. It is with legitimate pride that the thousands of descendants of all of the first Acadians should flood into various places in Nova Scotia to participate in the numerous activities of this grand reunion. As President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Canada, I would have liked to be able to join with them, but other engagements prevent me from being present.

In the name of all of the Bishops of Canada, I would be very grateful if you would kindly transmit to those taking part in the Acadian World Congress my warmest best wishes and assure them, as well, of my fraternal prayer for them. May Mary, Our Lady of the Assumption and Patron of the Acadians, protect them and bless them with her maternal smile all through these festivities.

CBC News: Acadian painter Nelson Surette dies

From CBC, July 26.

More photos, and a report from opening ceremony

Acadian Ancestral Home. Click also under "CMA 2004/CMA Photos" on menu.

Genetic genealogy.

Amiraults try to track their roots: Men participating in genetic testing to determine lineage.
More than good food, music and fun await guests at this week's Amirault family reunion - a round of genetic testing may also give them a better understanding of their history.

Organizers of the reunion, held as part of this summer's Congres mondial acadien, will share their results, which may shed light on the region's first Amirault, Francois Amirault dit Tourangeau.

The DNA testing on 15 men involves local Amiraults, plus others throughout Canada, the United States and France....

Ms. Amirault said the project is also expected to confirm that many different branches of the Amirault family tree have the same roots.

She said there are at least 20 different spellings of her last name, including Mirault, Mireault, Amiro, Amero and Emero.

"The idea was to prove that all the Amiraults and Miraults and Amiros, and whatever spellings there are, are all related," she said.