Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Concert highlights

I can't begin to describe the extraordinary experience I had with 10,000 other Acadians on Citadel Hill Sunday night at the closing "Spectacle." The Acadian flag fluttered above the old British fort and from smaller versions we waved in time with the music or held high as we stood for "Ave Maris Stella."

The concert began with a circle of Mi'kmaq drummers which transitioned into Zachary Richard's "Réveille," in which he was joined gradually by the other members of the evening's concert.

I'm in love with Edith Butler! It just took a simple rendition of "Le grain de mil."

"L'hymne à l'espoir."

Lennie Gallant doing "Ouvrez les Aboiteaux."

The two hours went by quickly--and stopped abruptly at 11:00 for the sake of the TV network. Then the clouds opened up, and we all ran for our cars.

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